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Mô tả Sản phẩm:1. Product Description ZERA Food Recycler:

Introducing Zera™ Food Recycler

Thùng Rác Tự Phân Hủy - ZERA Food Recycler
Thùng Rác Tự Phân Hủy - ZERA Food Recycler




Designed for the kitchen, Zera™ Food Recycler reduces food waste by over two-thirds its original volume through a fully automated process. The result is ready-to-use fertilizer within 24 hours* that you can spread on your lawn, outdoor plants, and garden, making Zera™ Food Recycler the easy-to-use solution for sending less food to the landfill, and more to your land.

Thùng Rác Tự Phân Hủy - ZERA Food Recycler
Thùng Rác Tự Phân Hủy - ZERA Food Recycler

*Based on estimated 3.5 kg weekly household food waste for average U.S. family.



See Who’s Talking About Us


Responsibility, Meet Convenience

Why You’ll Love Zera™ Food Recycler


*Based on estimated 3.5 kg weekly household food waste for average U.S. family.


Help Make the World a Little Greener

*Based on estimated 3.5 kg weekly household food waste for average U.S. family.


Teach the Value of Recycling

Zera™ Food Recycler enables households to realize the rewards of doing their part to help reduce landfill waste. It’s never been easier to leave a greener legacy, by taking today’s food waste and recycling it into homemade fertilizer, with the device that fits seamlessly into your home and lifestyle.


Create Homemade Fertilizer

Even better than recycling food waste, is beautifying your own landscaping and plants at the same time. The fertilizer created from the Zera™ device can be spread on top of the soil of your lawn, garden, or outdoor potted plants, releasing nutrients into the soil.


How It Works





Zera™ App

Make everyday use a little more efficient by operating Zera™ Food Recycler right from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Start and pause the device remotely
  • Be notified when the cycle is complete, and when the filter needs replacing
  • Activate the control and lid locks with a single button
  • Get up-to-the minute progress status, from anywhere
  • Watch informational, DIY videos
  • Unlock achievement rewards for recycling


Zera™ Food Recycler Perk Offerings

Campaign Stretch Goal

Must pre-order before campaign transitions to In Demand.


ZERA™ Food Recycler


ZERA™ Additive Packs (24)


ZERA™ Air Filters (6)



Tech Specs

A – Zera™ Additive
Made from coir, a plant-based resource, and baking soda - works to break down food waste

B – Sliding Lid
Seals off mixing bin when not adding food

C – Mixing Bin
Holds a week’s worth of food scraps (for an average family)*

D – Output Bin
Convenient and removable bin contains ready-to-use, homemade fertilizer

E – Control Panel
Start, stop, pause, and get notified to run the device after 7 days

F – Mixing Motor
Turns mixing blade to process food waste

G – Mixing Blade
Along with heat and the Zera™ Additive, blades churn and break down food scraps

H – Zera™ Filter
HEPA/Activated Carbon Filter designed to continuously filter the air

Size: 11"W x 22"D x 33.75"H
Weight: 118.6 pounds (53.8 kilograms)
Useable volume: 8.4 liters
Color: White

*Based on estimated 3.5 kg weekly household food waste for average U.S. family.


Our Team

As the Project Lead for Zera™ Food Recycler, Tony makes sure everything’s up to snuff – overseeing every product and project requirement. Fun fact: Tony’s also a homebrewer and was a founding team member of Vessi™ Fermentor. What’s he going to do with all his spent grains from homebrewing? Recycle them with Zera™ Food Recycler of course!


As Tech Lead, Paula’s had the opportunity to tackle the many engineering problems that have come up during the creation of the Zera™ product. Reducing the noise level, running units through a battery of tests to ensure safety, and more – there’s never a dull moment! After hours, Paula enjoys runs through town and watching the sunset from The Bluff overlooking the beach.


As General Manager, Jennifer works to foster a collaborative environment and tirelessly removes barriers so WLabs can bring innovative products to life. When she’s not helping the world recycle more, she’s teaching her 2- and 4-year olds to as well. Around the office, you can spot Jennifer rocking gold shoes on days with especially good news (like the Indiegogo launch)!


A former aerospace engineer, Kelley is Marketing Lead in title, but market strategist, advertiser, PR director, and product innovation manager in her day-to-day work at WLabs. When she’s not multitasking, you can find her running track competitively or dancing (we’ve seen her moonwalk). Her favorite quote: "Those who think it can't be done should not interrupt the one doing it.”


With a degree in both Mechanical Engineering and Resource Development, Tom brought a lot to the table when it came to Zera™ Food Recycler. While others worked on making sure the device worked, Tom made sure the output was delivering value to the end user as a fertilizer. More than just a mechanical tinkerer, Tom’s cut trails, dug ponds, and explored the local wildlife on his own property in his spare time.


In charge of the Zera™ mobile app, website, and ecommerce activation of Zera™ Food Recycler and Vessi™ Fermentor, Megha always has her digital hands full. Both a tech enthusiast and Harry Potter fan, her dream is to invent flying cars, gadgets that store human memories, newspapers that talk, and password-storing pictures, to name a few (maybe a WLabs project someday?).


About WLabs

WLabs is an innovation brand that enables the testing of new products in spaces previously unknown to Whirlpool Corporation. When we found out about the large and growing volume of food waste in landfills, our team saw a deep need for better food recycling. With the belief that when responsibility meets convenience, we can do great things, our team created Zera™ Food Recycler.

Zera™ Food Recycler is the third innovation to come from WLabs. We’ve also successfully brought SWASH® Clothing Care System and Vessi™ Fermentor and Dispenser to the market. SWASH® is the system that lets you remove light wrinkles from your clothes, refresh, and re-wear, in just 10 minutes. Vessi™ Fermentor and Dispenser is the single tank that ferments, carbonates, and dispenses home-brewed beer. The Vessi™ device is also available on Indiegogo. Go here to visit the campaign page.



Zera™ Food Recycler (CES 2017 Best of Innovation Award)

  • Eco-Design and Sustainable Technologies product category

Zera™ Food Recycler (CES 2017 Honoree Awards)

  • Tech For A Better World product category
  • Home Appliances product category

The CES Innovation Awards are based upon descriptive materials submitted to the judges. CTA did not verify the accuracy of any submission or of any claims made and did not test the item to which the award was given.





Is WLabs first to market with this type of device?              

We believe we are the first to market in the U.S. with an indoor food recycler that converts a week's worth of food waste into ready-to-use homemade fertilizer within 24 hours.* Competitive products take at least a week to process and the output is not as uniform. There are other products on the market in the U.S. that are purely "food dehydrators" that do not have an additive and do not progress the food decomposition as far as Zera™ Food Recycler.


How does Zera™ Food Recycler work?   

The Zera™ device uses oxygen, moisture, heat, and agitation to speed decomposition of a week's worth of food scraps within 24 hours*. The additive provides the "brown" material necessary for the decomposition process.


How is the Zera™ food recycling process different from the traditional composting process?       

The Zera™ food recycling process converts food waste into fertilizer through a fully automatic process, accepts a variety of food types including meat and dairy, and can be performed inside your home within 24 hours.* Unlike traditional composting, Zera™ Food Recycler automatically controls moisture, heat, air, and the process is not exposed to unwanted pests or wildlife. Traditional composting takes months to process, requires a large outdoor space, manual heap maintenance, and can attract pests and wildlife.


What types of food can the Zera™ device recycle?            

The Zera™ device can recycle 95% of a typical family’s household food waste (including meat and dairy). It is not recommended to recycle large bones and pits.  


How large is the unit?    

Zera™ Food Recycler is designed to seamlessly fit in your kitchen. It is counter height so that food scraps can easily be deposited into the unit. The dimensions are 11"W x 22"D x 33.75"H.


How much does the unit weigh?

Zera™ Food Recycler weighs 118.6 pounds (53.8 kilograms).


How much energy does the device use per year?       

The Zera™ Food Recycler energy consumption is approximately 300 kWh/year, assuming a cycle is run once a week.


How often do I need to run a cycle?

A cycle should be run once food waste is filled to the top of the mixing blades. It can be run more frequently if desired, even daily. The Zera™ Additive must be used each time you run a cycle.


How long does it take a cycle to run?      

A cycle will complete within 24 hours.


Once a cycle is started, can it be paused to add additional food waste?   

Yes, once the cycle is started, you can pause it during the first 30 minutes to add additional food. Once it is past 30 minutes, it cannot be paused, but the cycle can be cancelled.  If cancelled, the cycle will restart when the Start button is pressed.


Why can't food scraps be added after the 30-minute window has passed?              

The device needs enough time to fully process any food added to the cycle.


Is the device child-resistant?      

Yes, the controls can be locked out (through the control panel or the mobile app). Additionally, the lid locks when the cycle is active, so children cannot access the mixing compartment. Finally, there is a retention tab on the output bin.


Is there anything special required for installation?           

No, simply plug Zera™ Food Recycler into a standard power outlet. It has a 6-foot power cord to provide flexibility of placement.


What is the output of Zera™ Food Recycler?        

The output of Zera™ Food Recycler is a ready-to-use, homemade fertilizer that can be used on lawns and gardens. It appears similar to coffee grounds, is dry, and spreads easily.


Is the homemade fertilizer the same as compost?             

The homemade fertilizer is not standard compost because it is not created from a traditional outdoor composting process. Instead, it is a ready-to-use homemade fertilizer that, once spread on the lawn and garden, will release nutrients into the soil as it continues to mature.


How should the output be used?               

The homemade fertilizer should only be used outdoors. It is recommended to apply the homemade fertilizer on the soil surface, not to exceed ¼-inch thick. Keep the product away from roots and plant stems.

The homemade fertilizer can also be broadcast on grass using a lawn spreader.


How should the homemade fertilizer be stored?               

The homemade fertilizer should be stored in an air-tight container in a cool, dry area (i.e., garage, basement, closet) for up to six months.


Will the homemade fertilizer attract bugs during storage?            

The homemade fertilizer should not attract insects, especially if stored in an air-tight container as recommended.


What is the Zera™ Additive made out of?

The Zera™ Additive is made from coir and baking soda. Coir is made from coconut husk, a rapidly renewable plant-based resource. The Zera™ Additive Pack is made from paper and designed so the entire additive (including bag packaging) can be placed in the Zera™ device.


How often do I need to use the Zera™ Additive?                

One Zera™ Additive Pack is used every time a cycle is run. It is estimated that on average, a U.S. family will run a cycle once a week.


How does the Zera™ Air Filter work? What is it made of?                 

The filter within the Zera™ device is made of activated carbon and HEPA layers, designed to continuously filter the air.


How long does the Zera™ Air Filter last?  How frequently should it be changed?

For best performance, the Zera™ Air Filter should be changed every two months.


I'd like to receive updates about the campaign, how do I do that?

If you've contributed, you're already following. If not, just hit the Follow button in the upper left corner of your screen, by the share buttons.


Where can Zera™ Food Recycler be shipped?

We ship anywhere in the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii).


How do I purchase Zera™ Food Recycler?

Right now, Zera™ Food Recycler is available only on Indiegogo. Purchase one by selecting a perk that includes Zera™ Food Recycler, and enter your payment information.

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